Virtual Skies Real Ops 2008

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Virtual Skies Real Ops 2008

Post by chrisbt123 on Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:59 am

Hi All

The Board of Directors at Virtual Skies were recently talking about hosting a Real Ops event. For anyone who dosen't know what this is, basically, a real ops event is based at one Airport, generally one with a lot of traffic, i.e. Manchester. It will have the Airport fully staffed for around 9 hours, in which time real world schedules / flights are flown by pilots on the Virtual Skies Network. The Flights would be posted about 2 weeks before. They would have the same flight number and Aircraft type as would be flown with in real life. The pilots will then book a flight which they wish to fly. Upon doing this, they will be assigned a route, and a flight level to fly. When the flight is due to be flown, the pilots log into the Virtual Skies network using the callsign of the flight they have booked, and fly the flight at the same time it would be done in real life, using the assigned route and level.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas about where to host it etc, please post them below.

Many Thanks

Chris Button

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