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How to Get Connected | SimFly.EU

Post by James on Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:54 pm

Step One.
Visit http://www.SimFly.EU and Signup for their servers, preferably with the same signup details as you have on this forum

Step Two.
Download the AFTS (Advanced Flight Tracking System) Client from this download link below:

Step Three.
Download FShost Client 1.1, which allows you to see the other aircraft on the server. When you have downloaded this program from the link below, open the program and enter the connection details. Your Username, and the Server Address being '' without the '.

Step Four.
Download Teamspeak 2 from
Make sure you download the Client.

When you have downloaded the program, open it up and you will be met by a purple screen.
Click Connection --> Connect. A new screen will appear. Right click on the left hand side of the new screen, and then 'New Server' will appear.

Call the new server 'SimFly.EU', and enter the following details;

Label - SimFly.EU
Server Address -
Nickname - [whatever you wish to be called, or, Link - [initials] ]

Login Name and Password are to be an exact match to the details you have just used to signup to SimFly.EU.

You should now be able to login.

Step Five.
Login to http://www.SimFly.EU/ . Click the 'AFTS' Icon on the top of the page, and then to the right hand side click on the link to the page 'All Airlines'. You will then see a link to us [Link - Uk Virtual], where you should click 'Join'.
We shall process the request A.S.A.P Smile

Step Six.

Login to the AFTS [Advanced Flight Tracking System] program using your login details from the SimFly.EU website.
And view the following post on how to track flights.

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